Can I Stop Nail Biting 30 Day Challenge

stop nail biting 30 day challenge

30 days to stop biting my nails after years and years.
Break the habit —

stop and grow product review, for the first time I have a full set of nails and have stopped my nail biting after 30 years.

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TDUS | Season 1 | # Pilot | Joey Wilkinson

The Donny Utton Show Season 1

The Donny Utton Show Season 1 With Joey Wilkinson #1

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This is out Pilot episode that we first recorded to see what it would be like to make a podcast, so you can hear the poor audio quality and lack of experience because we literally just made it up as we went along but it was enough for us to love it and enjoy it so much that we then wanted to make a full season and so the birth of TDUS or The Donny Utton Show.

Guest Today Is Joey Wilkinson

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