This Is Your Own Evolution

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To become the best YOU!!! that you could possibly be you have to take action right away, from this moment RIGHT NOW!! you need to take responsibility for where you are in your life right now.If you want to live a more successful, fullfilling life, then you need to start making changes, you can’t carry on doing what you are doing now and expect a different result.

So where do you start?

What do we actually have to change to feel better?

I have broken it down to four key principles

1. Mind

2. Body

3. Soul

4. Lifestyle

When you combine all these elements and the sub elements what I will be talking about of the course of time, you will create an amazing effect. The effect I have named it myself as ” THE SYNERGY EFFECT”.

What is The Synergy Effect?

It is when you change every aspect of your life and when all these individual parts work together they create an even greater you.

What I mean by this is that you can start exercising daily, and while that is an amazing step if you just stayed at that you would be healthier then the average person who just sits in front of the sofa on a daily basis. But if you then combine that with a healthy, natural diet, a positive attitude, Meditation, Stretching, Resting, Having Fun, living Passionately and being Grateful for what you have, you will have now started to make the law of synergy kick in and this will start your own personal evolution.


Raw Food Lifestyle

How switching to a 100% raw or almost raw diet can help you live the healthiest and fittest life you could ever dream possible.


High Raw High Plant based Diet

or Cooked high plant based organic modern paleo diet


Personal Development for Smart People

The purpose of this website is to help you grow as a conscious human being. This includes guiding you to discover and accept your life purpose; inspiring you to feel more motivated, energized, and passionate; helping you shed disempowering relationships and build a network of loving support; teaching you how to achieve stable financial abundance doing what you love; and encouraging you to make a genuine contribution to humanity — so you can finally experience the kind of life that deep down, you always knew you were meant to live.

You aren’t here to struggle and suffer. You’re here to express and share your creative gifts, to give and receive love, and to be happy. It will take time, but this site can certainly help you get there, and the vast majority of resources here are free.

This site will help you make conscious decisions in your personal development journey and courageously follow through. This means having the maturity to take 100% responsibility for your health, your career, your finances, your relationships, your emotions, your habits, and your spiritual beliefs. It requires taking a deep look at yourself, consciously deciding what kind of person you truly are on the inside, and then getting your external reality to be congruent with your inner being. The goal is to help you achieve outstanding effectiveness while maintaining internal balance, where your thoughts, feelings, actions, and skills are all working together to create the life you truly desire.

Personal development is hard work. It takes time, consistency, and patience. If you’re only here looking for shallow quick fixes and you aren’t interested in real, lasting change, this isn’t the right place for you. This site is designed for people who are serious about personal growth and willing to commit to it.

This site will help you learn to live more consciously, to summon the courage to face the unfaceable parts of your life, and to solve the deep problems you’ve not yet been able to solve. You’ll learn practical ideas to make important changes in your life, both big and small, so you can get your life on track and start living up to your potential.

This site can’t teach you to be perfect. Perfection isn’t the point. The point is for you to get yourself onto a path of practical, positive growth. It’s very likely that this site will be of tremendous assistance to you on your journey.

The main themes of this site are:

  • Truth: Accept reality and rid your life of falsehood and denial
  • Love: Improve your ability to connect with yourself and others
  • Power: Build your motivation and discipline to create the life you desire
  • Oneness: Stop fighting against resistance, and make the world your ally
  • Authority: Take command of your life, and learn to make clear decisions
  • Courage: Summon the inner strength to take action in spite of fear
  • Intelligence: Live authentically, and express your genuine creativity

The areas of your life this site will help you improve include:

  • Habits: Create a daily routine that gives you a sense of flow
  • Career: Build a career you’re truly passionate about
  • Money: Achieve financial abundance without compromising your integrity
  • Health: Adopt health habits that empower your physical body
  • Relationships: Enjoy loving relationships that help you grow
  • Spirituality: Raise your awareness and live more consciously


Where to Begin?

This site contains enough free personal development material to fill more than 25 books. Don’t let that overwhelm you though because no matter where you begin, it will only take a few clicks to find something of value to you. If you find an article that interests you, but you don’t have time to read it right now, feel free to print it out for later. Whenever you print a page from this site with your web browser, you’ll get a nicely formatted printout with no navigation elements and no ads. If you’d like to see an example of how any page will look when printed, just use your browser’s Print Preview feature (File -> Print Preview… on most browsers). Test it right now on this page if you want.

Be sure to bookmark this site, so you can return to it again and again. Many visitors begin their days by spending 15-30 minutes here and report that it helps them become more focused, motivated, and confident.

  1. The Courage to Live Consciously – A great place to begin is with the article The Courage To Live Consciously. This article will give you an overview of what this site is all about and how it will help you grow — by challenging you to live up to your potential instead of settling for less than you’re worth. You’ll definitely want to print it out for later if you don’t have time to read it now.
  2. Personal Development Articles – Browse the free personal development articles section for in-depth exploration of key topics. Learn how to overcome procrastination, get organized, boost your motivation, and lots more. This section is all about results.
  3. Personal Development Blog – Browse Steve Pavlina’s personal development blog for the newest content. You can explore the complete personal development blog archive going back to October 2004. The blog also includes a free RSS feed.
  4. Most Popular – Check out the Best of links on the sidebar for a list of the most popular content on the site. These are the time-tested gems that have helped visitors achieve important breakthroughs in their thoughts, actions, and results.
  5. Personal Development Podcast (Free Audio) – If you prefer to listen instead of read, check out the free personal development audio section. An easy-to-use interface allows you to listen to all of the podcasts (i.e. audio programs) directly through your web browser. You can also download the audio files and listen to them later on your computer or MP3 player. There’s even a separate podcast RSS feed.
  6. Personal Development Newsletter – Sign up for the free Personal Development Insights newsletter to keep informed of the latest developments via email. Thousands of people are already signed up to receive it.


Who Is Steve Pavlina?

Steve Pavlina is perhaps the most intensely growth-oriented individual you will ever meet. You can learn more about him on the About page.


Steve Recommends
Here are my recommendations for products and services I’ve reviewed that can improve your results. This is a short list since it only includes my top picks.Site Build It! – Use SBI to start your own money-making website
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