10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Anabolic Hormones

10 Easy Ways to Increase Your
Anabolic Hormones

Here are ten EASY and simple ways that
you can implement TODAY to increase your
Anabolic hormones naturally, and improve
your bodybuilding MUSCLE gains:
Get rid of all drugs.
Learn to relax completely. (Watching TV is not relaxing).
Throw the junk foods in the trash.
Drink a minimum of 4 to 6 liters of water every day.
Get at least two full body massages a week.
Do active relaxations such as yoga or meditation.
Stretch all of your muscles after your workouts.
Perform the cold-hot-cold-hot cold shower technique after every workout. (see my email: ‘Mastering Recovery Part 3: The 4 Components’ for the specifics of this technique)
Regular sunbathing.
Take anti-catabolic supplements such as enzymes, antioxidants, and bio-available colloidal minerals and vitamins.

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Catabolic Hormones

Here is how you can decrease catabolic
hormone levels:
Minimize stress.
Never over-train.
Avoid toxins, pollution, noise, drugs, and alcohol.
Avoid estrogen-producing foods, including processed or soy-based products, because most of these foods cause your body to produce more estrogen.
Avoid steroids. Steroids blow estrogen levels through the roof. If you look at a bodybuilder a few weeks after his cycle ends, generally, his or her body becomes soft and flabby. The skin becomes acne-ridden, and the testosterone levels drop to that of a 100-year old grandmother. Not an optimum condition for building and retaining your dream physique.

5 Critical Components To Optimize
Training Results
Muscle Mastery training systems.
All natural nutrition.
Bio-available supplements starting with: enzymes => https://www.masszymes.com/
raw organic protein => http://proteinbreakthrough.com/
minerals and vitamins.
Mind training techniques such as meditation, hypnosis, and affirmations.
Professional personal coaching.
In the Muscle Mastery Program — which you’re receiving
right here in these emails — we have unlocked a gold mine
of natural methods that create massive anabolic floods of
growth-producing hormones!

Your muscle-building ally,

Wade Lightheart & Matt Gallant

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