15 key full body stretches you should use

Stretching is something I use always in my daily life, I like to do it in my yoga routines but you can use stretching around your weight training and cardio sessions.

For a more detailed look into stretching keep alook out for my future reports.

1. after a 5-10 minute warm-up, hold each stretch for 10-15 seconds.

2. at the end of the straining session, hold stretches for 10-15 seconds to maintain flexibility, or 20-30 seconds to develop it.

1.Chest Stretch


Place palm and forearm against the wall, turn your shoulders away from wall, feel the stretch in your pectoral muscle.

2. Upper-Back Stretch


Relax knees, clasp your hands together and push forwards, feeltheburn stretch across your upper back.

3. Shoulder Stretch


Stand tall with knees relaxed, extend arm across body, holding it in place with other arm.
Feel the stretch in your shoulders, remember to do both sides.

4. Lat Stretch


Grasp the elbow with your hand and gently ease it over your head, feel for the stretch in your lat muscles, ( side of your upper body under arms).

5. Reaches


Keeping your knees relaxed, reach to the ceiling, face forwards and feel the stretch in your obliques and lats, this can also be done seated.

6. Tricep Stretch


Position palm of hand on back, place other hand on elbow and ease elbow back gently, feel the stretch in your triceps.

7. Side Stretch

Stand tall with knees relaxed, keeping hips square bend at side sliding inside arm down body as your other arms comes over.

8. Abs Stretch

With palms on floor and arms locked, push your chest out and shoulders back, feel stretch in abs.

9. Lower-Back Stretch
Low Back Pain & Sciatica - Four Point Kneeling Flexion

With palms on floor, arms locked and head down, extend back upwards, feel stretch across lower and middle back.

10. Glutes Stretch
glutes stretch

Pull knee gently towards opposite shoulder, place other leg across knee and feel the stretch in glute muscles.

11. Hip Flexor


Gently lunge forward and keeping front knee in line with shoelaces. feel stretch in front of thigh.

12. Adductors Stretch

With legs wide, bend one knee and ease straight leg into ground. Feel stretch in inside of straight leg.


13. Hamstring Stretch
hamstring stretch

Place one leg out in front and push backside out. feel stretch in front of front leg.

14. Quad Stretch

Keeping knees together, gently tilt hips forward. feel stretch in front of bent thigh.

15. Calf Stretch

With feet pointing straight ahead, keep back heel on floor. Feel stretch in calf muscle, bend back knee for stretch in achilles.


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