About Donny Utton

Welcome to my website www.donnyutton.com

Upon his musical journey trying to find the best ways to get his music heard and promoted he discovered a business that he could do on the side and from home and this also taught him the tools and systems he needed to make his music visible to a large internet community.

Donny now helps people pursue their own dreams and passions by showing them everything he has done and still does to live out his passions all thanks to hid Internet Lifestyle Business…

What Subjects Does Donny Talk About?

Making Money 

  • Match betting 
  • Trading and Investing
  • Making money online 
  • Business growth 
  • Marketing 
  • Sales 
  • E-commerce 
  • Affiliate marketing 

Internet Marketing 

  • WordPress
  • Softwares 
  • Tools
  • Hacks
  • Productivity 
  • Shopify 
  • Apps


  • Music marketing and promotion l
  • Tutorials 
  • Songwriting 


  • My kind of funny 
  • Plays and screenplays 
  • Writing books 
  • Podcasts / Radio / interviews 
  • Comedy and stand up 
  • Magic 
  • Gadgets 
  • Technology 


True Happiness cannot be put down to one ingredient, it takes many factors to make a happy, healthy and thriving human.

  • Health
  • Bio-Hacking
  • Fitness
  • Supplements
  • Nutrition
  • Longevity
  • Cooking
  • Spiritual growth
  • Productivity
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Passion & Meaning
  • Fun

Bushcraft, Adventure, Outdoors

  • Bushcraft
  • Survival
  • Self sufficiency 

My projects 

  • youvolved 
  • Be more wild 
  • Music 

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