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List of My Websites I current own and Trade Under

Awham Bamboo
www.awhambamboo.com – An Ecommerce website selling high quality bamboo products. – Bamboo toothbrush, Bamboo Products, Bamboo Glasses,

List Of My Websites

Main Parent Company

www.dropdmedia.com –  My online company Brand – host of all my internet marketing sites and also podcasts shows

Podcast / Youtube shows

Weird wonderful world of Joey Wilko

The Donny utton show

Beyond the beauty

The online musician

The platform

Safety Of Men

Truth Seekers Society

SEO and Web Design Agency

www.creativeedgemedia.co.ukMy Online Marketing Hub, Consultancy Coaching


Donny / The Donny Utton Show / Donny Utton Music 

www.donnyutton.com – Home of everything donny

WordPress Blog Sites

Music Marketing

www.theonlinemusician.co.uk – Main Blog About being a musician and using the internet to make your living

www.acousticjukebox.co.uk – Functions Music
www.jukeboxjunkiesband.com – Functions Band


Health, Wealth and Positive Lifestyle 

www.youvolved.com – main blog site, mind, body, soul, lifestyle.

Affiliate Sites – Landing Pages

Niche Blogs

www.cureyourownsickness.com – Diabetes, Back pain, Acne, bad breath, dental, addiction, IBS, people to look to find their own cures to their problems, also offer cpa to them.


www.bemorewild.com – Authority blog about bringing back our wildside in the modern world, to improve our diet, our fitness, our social time and sense of purpose. Also links to survival niche and bushcraft.

http://www.arthurhaines.com/ & https://www.danielvitalis.com/rewild-101


Dog Niche

www.passionatelydogs.com – The Home of all things dog related – Dog Lovers Community


www.puaunderground.com – Dating membership site for men who want to get any girl they want.


Www.digitalwarriorsdojo.com – Community blog for self defence and people wanting to learn to fight, be it for protection or fitness..






Conspiracy And Finding The Truth (Also Part of a Podcast Series) Www.truthseekerssociety.com – conspiracy membership site, free trial, pay monthly, upsell DVDs, seminars and webinars. COD module 28 – use Fb ads, Google and Bing ppc.



CPA & Affiliate Store Sites / Mini Niche Sites ( Niche Pursuits ) (Outsouce)

To Sell

Papercut Media – www.papercut-media.com – Might try to sell