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All kinds of people have been emailing me to comment on Angelina Jolie getting her breasts removed so she won’t get breast cancer in the future. This is the most insane sad thing I have heard in a long time. When one of the most beautiful women in the world has her breasts removed as a preventative measure, it’s definitely time to speak up. The time has come to shine a light on the very subject of femininity in this world. (I have an ebook on breast cancer at

Ok, two things. First of all, she did it because “it runs in the family”. Just because your mom or dad died from something doesn’t mean YOU have to. The whole genetic thing gets me so pissed. I wrote a whole chapter about it in my book “Heal Yourself 101”. You are NOT a prisoner to genetics. Sure, maybe you inherited a fixer-upper. When you are born, you can only be as good as the building materials you were made with. (the thoughts, energies and bodies of your parents). But this doesn’t mean you have to live with that. Just like and old junk car or house, you can strip down all the rusty, moldy, deteriorating walls, right down to the frame/skeleton, sand-blast all the rust away, and then rebuild with only the very best building materials and parts. You can literally turn yourself into an award-winning show car/house/person. That’s what I did. I was dying twenty years ago and I totally rebuilt myself from the ground up.


This is where the fun begins. Science has proven that genetics can be changed. Several Nobel prizes have been won on the subject of epigenetics- which proved scientifically that you can change your genetics (yes- change your very DNA) within seconds- just by the way you think ! I wrote about it in my book “Heal Yourself 101”. Yes your thoughts and subconscious programming can literally kill you or heal you. This is a HUGE reason women have breast cancer. I will explain in a minute.


I will talk about this more in an upcoming newsletter, it’s a subject I am very excited about. Methylation is a biochemical process required for almost every bodily function. It requires one carbon atom connected with three hydrogen atoms. Most people are under-methylated. This means their bodies cannot function properly. Methylation is required for everything from producing proper levels of stomach acid to switching your genes on and off. (!!!!) For methylation to happen, the body needs more methyl donors. One great source is TMG (tri-methyl-glycine) which is made from beet roots. I have this magical substance in my new Wild-Force green formulas. It helps reset your genetic switches to where they are supposed to be, and helps your thousands of bodily functions work properly again.


On to the second, and (I believe even more important issue)-


When I hear “breast cancer”, the first thing I look to is NOT what they are eating, but their relationships. Almost every incident of breast cancer I have ever run across somehow had a much deeper backstory in femininity itself. Usually the woman did not feel totally free to be herself and celebrate her full feminine identity. There was always some kind of relationship issue. It doesn’t always mean the man she was with, it could be deeper and earlier than that. But for whatever reason, some part of her glory was repressed. These women felt somehow held back, or cut down, or undesirable or didn’t feel very appreciated.

Breasts represent nurturing. They are givers of life. If a woman isn’t nurtured properly, then her ability to nurture (breasts) wither and starts to die. I see this over and over. It’s so sad how women are treated in this world. Some men will say “but I treat her well”. Perhaps. But we men aren’t aware just how subtly our actions and words can affect a woman on the deepest of levels. Even our body language. It’s not what we say as much as how we say it. Women are very intuitive. They can tell that you secretly fantasize about someone sexier, or more sexual, or more assertive. They can tell when you aren’t speaking your full truth. They can tell when you are jealous or frustrated or unsatisfied. Women want to please. They want to feel wanted, appreciated, needed and loved. We may have the best of intentions, but everyone has issues, and if we don’t work on them, they will eventually cause other issues. The courage to openly communicate could have saved countless lives, before it ate people up from the inside.

There is real irony here. Many women probably died because they felt unattractive, saying to themselves they can never be as sexy and beautiful as Angelina Jolie. How could they possibly compare and compete when their husbands secretly looked at Angelina and fantasized. Personally I think Angelina probably would not have gotten breast cancer anyway. She knows she is beautiful, desired and feminine. She had her breasts removed out of fear because her mother died from it. Ok. let’s look at her mother- and now thanks to me- also her FATHER. It’s no hidden news that Angelina and her father haven’t gotten along. There are some serious unresolved issues. Whatever happened between them, it was so strong, that she hasn’t spoken to him for countless years. Well, think what that energy was like between him and his wife (Angelina’s mother). Whatever it was, she ended up dying of breast cancer. Forget genetics. I think what we really have to look at here is the male-female issues and feminine expression and freedom (or lack of it). There is no one to blame. It’s an issue of self-love and empowerment.

Both men and women need personal freedom. We are not here to “serve” the other. We are here to COMPLEMENT each other- walk side by side and EMPOWER each other with love, support and and an excitement for life. If there is lots of stress, jealousy, insecurity, financial problems, health issues or anything that ends up in lots of complaining, bitterness, frustration and unhappiness, it WILL slowly eat away at the relationship. Often times the woman (or man) feels like a failure to the other. This will literally eat them up. The man may get impotency/ performance issues, and the woman may get breast or ovarian cancer because her ability to nuture is questioned.

This needs to stop. Love or move on. It’s that simple. Stop killing yourself. You are no good to anyone if you are miserable and draining those around you. You need to be in your power. You need to be free to be you. You need to be around people that give you that freedom. If we want to live, we need to be around confident people at peace with themselves, not insecure people who fear everything. A great relationship is where two people love fully, live fully and do not fear loss. They are so excited being together, that they don’t have to worry about infidelity or “being good enough”. True friends and lovers are people that honor you no matter what, no matter who you are with, and no matter how often you see each other. It is a bond that lasts forever. No matter what. Start with needing no one but your own truth. And stick to it. You will only attract those that honor and respect you after that. This is the core of my book “The Prosperity Secret”.

You can’t run from the truth. You can’t get rid of a problem but simply cutting out a symptom. It will surface somewhere else. Angelina may one day die of bladder or pancreatic cancer. Or she may live her truth and live a long, strong, happy life. (very possible)

None of this happened by accident. This happened on purpose. It took Angelina Jolie cutting off her breasts for us to wake up and face the real issues in our life.(It’s not cancer) Thank you Angelina for the amazing contribution to humanity. No one else would have woken us up more than you doing this. This one act will probably affect the world more than anything else you have done. No symbol would have had more impact. Wow.

I want nothing more than to see you (the reader) living in your glorious power. I appreciate you and all the beauty you have to offer the world. The world needs you. It needs to hear what you truly feel. Start speaking your truth right now. To everyone. Hide nothing. Sure it may hurt someone’s feelings at first, but they will respect you for having the courage to say it, and ultimately, they will be on your side much more down the road, even if it’s from a distance. This is how true friends are made. The issue isn’t being physical lovers or not- the issue is having a true connection no matter what. That’s what will heal the world, and that’s what will set you free to finally live your dream.

I love you. Please start living.

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