Are You Making THIS Mistake with Your Email Newsletter?

Are You Making THIS Mistake with Your Email Newsletter? Chris Robley It worked! I got your attention by asking a question you couldn’t answer without reading more than just the headline! Hopefully you only feel slightly manipulated.

Lots of artists/bloggers/businesses are attempting to engage their followers by asking questions—which is a good thing–but oftentimes they’re asking the WRONG kinds of questions. 

Imagine an email in your inbox with the subject line: “Where is your dream vacation destination?” Any need to open it? Nope. You can just answer the question to yourself: Des Moines!

According to marketing guru Bob Baker, you can “hypnotize” people into reading your email newsletters by doing one simple thing with the email subject lines (and blog titles!): ask a question that can’t be answered without clicking to read more. 

So, instead of “Where is your dream vacation destination?”— try something like: “Which of these three vacation hot-spots has the highest crime rate?”

A question like that creates a “mental state of dissonance” which we want to quickly resolve.

But Bob also shares a word of warning: “”If you’re going to use tactics like this to inspire action, you should put a priority on delivering an interesting message inside the email. If you mislead people or simply don’t offer a story that’s funny or compelling in some way … they may not trust you the next time you use a strategy like this.”

Check out Bob’s article “A Hypnotic Way to Get Fans to Open Your Emails” for more details on how to engage subscribers with interesting questions in your email newsletter’s subject line.

How do YOU get your subscribers to open your emails? Let us know in the comments section below.

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