Building A Better Me – 2014

Week 2

Donny Utton



Current Pics

13st 4, 186lbs

Neck 14
Shoulders 46 3/4
Chest 38 3/4
Waist 38
Hips 35 1/2
L Arm 10
R Arm 10 1/2
L Thigh 21
R Thigh 19
L Calf 14 1/2
R Calf 14 1/2

Body Fat %

Stage 1

100g Porridge
6 Bananas
3. tin of beans , 3 slices of white bread (toasted)
100g Porridge
Protein Drink 40g
150g rice, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, 200g fish, 150-200g beans/ legumes.
100g potatoes, 100g salad, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, carrotts, 200g chicken breast.
100g porridge and 40g protein drink



Ive been given Omeprazole 20mg once a day to help with the intensified heartburn and I have been issued to get a blood test for possible ulcer.


Issues Fixed or Gained
Injured Knee
Fractured sternum aches still
bad farts
I smell stronger in mornings now
Dry skin
Loads of moles coming up on body
Crusty Eyes
cuts take ages to heal
Teeth look dirty
red blotches on body and face
Bags under eyes
eyes lack colour
Heart burn daily quite intense
moles appearing
fat stomach
weak joints, low flexibility
fungus on toes and dry skin on feet, yellow nails, brittle nails
stained teeth
sore tooth
Grey hairs
Dry patches on arms
bleeding gums
lower back ache
previously right knee injury still causing me pain
blood when go toilet
dry eyes
mucus nose
always tired and feeling low
When I do pooh its smelly and loose and sometimes too hard to pooh
Urine burns when I wee, smells, dark brown and very hot.
Verruca on foot
regular Gag reflex and feeling sickly after eating white bread
greasy neck
chew nails intensely daily
eczema on shin

Notable Changes
Lack of energy and focus
Low Sex Drive
Low self esteem
Lack of confidence
my weight gain and lack of fitness, my stomach is huge and clothes look ridiculous on me.

Extra Info about what Im giving Up and Why
Im giving up chocolate, crisps, cakes, sweets and anything sweet or manufactured.
no fizzy drinks
no fast food
i will fast on sundays for 24 hours

Next Step
i will be starting a calisthenics routine

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