Cover Of The Week – Rodney Carrington – Letter To My Penis

Rodney Carrington – Letter To My Penis

There is a Chord name for the Hammer (000233) position it is like DAug11 or something , but if you just hit the
first sting 3rd fret on the D Chord then go back to D it sounds really good .

D (000232) Hammer (000233) then back to D (000232)

[D]Dear penis , I dont think I l[A]ike you anymore
y[G]ou used to watch me s[A]have now all you [D]do is stare at the floor
ohh dear p[G]enis I dont l[A]ike you an[D]ymore

[G]used to be [A]you and me a paper t[D]owel and a dirty magazine
[G]thats all we [A]needed to get [D]by
[G]now it seems t[A]hings have changed [D]I think your the one to blame

dear [G]penis I dont l[A]ike you any m[D]ore

( He sings )
Dear Rodney I don’t think I li[A]ke you anym[D]ore
[G]Cause when you get to d[A]rinkin you put me p[D]laces I’ve never been before
dear [G]Rodney I don’t like [A]you any[D]more

[G]why cant we j[A]ust get a grip on our [D]man to hand relationship
[G]come to terms of [A]truely how we [D]feel

I[G]f wer put our h[A]eads together wed'[D] just stay home forever
dear p[G]enis I think I [A]like you after [D]all

Ohh and [G]rodney while your [A]shaving shave my ba[D]lls .

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