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Email Marketing for Musicians Email Marketing for Musicians By Chris Robley February 19, 20130 Comments and 25 Reactions These days when it comes to engaging your fans, bands are really heavily focused on social media marketing — but EMAIL is still the most effective way to get your fans to take action! 

Email marketing tips for musicians: how to grow your fanbase with an email newsletter Believe it or not, you’re far more likely to see results from a well-written email newsletter than from a series of tweets or Facebook posts. As a DIY artist, email marketing is the best way to get your fans to purchase music, leave a review on, or take some other specific action.

So how do you become a smarter email marketer? 

I’ve compiled six articles from our friends at HostBaby that will help you become a better email marketer, drive more traffic to your website, build your fanbase, and increase CD, vinyl, and MP3 sales.

HostBaby’s Top 6 Articles on Email Marketing for Musicians 1. How to Use Email to Drive Traffic to Your Website

2. Grow Your Email List and Keep Your Subscribers

3. Writing a Newsletter Article that Succeeds — 3 Quick Tips

4. How Often Should I Email My Mailing List?

5. Are You Making THIS Mistake with Your Email Newsletter?

6. Five Things to Remember Before Hitting ‘Send’

What have you done with your email marketing to better engage your fans? What mistakes have you made along the way? Let us know in the comments section below.

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