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Alderspring Ranch: My favorite grass-fed/grass-finished WILD beef. Stuff is as clean as you can get. 

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Help me spread the message of Ancestral health so we can save as many people as possible. We are in desperate need of a health revolution!

Here are links to everything I have going on.

1. Founder/CEO of Wild Foods Co – Real Food ingredients from small producers around the world. 

Our Wild Mission is to help 50 million people take back control of their health from the powers at Bethany profit off sickness: Big Pharma, Big Food and Bad “Science” policy. 

The Wild NewsletterThe Wild ShopWild Foods Instagram.

2. The Ancestral Mind Podcast and YouTube focused on helping you live in alignment with the way nature intended through understanding our evolutionary past. 

When you understand the Ancestral Perspective, you have the First Principles framework for understanding everything related to your body and mind. From there, you have  the ultimate control over your health and future.

3. The Escaping Fragility Show – Everything related to helping you become an independent sovereign individual.

4. Instagram: I post a lot of medium rare steaks, some health stuff, and anything else that strikes my fancy that I think will be useful.

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