How To Take Tips On Your Website For Free Using Monzo And Pretty Links

How To Take Tips On Your Website For Free Using Monzo And Pretty Links

Learn In This Video How To Take Tips and Donations On Your Website For Free Using Monzo And Pretty Links.

What you will need to do this;

What is a Monzo me page?

Pay or get paid by sharing a link. Settle who bought what at the weekend, split the cost of dinner or even send someone a gift, just because you can. is free to use and you don’t need a Monzo account to send money.

monzo me
monzo bank
monzo for musicians 
Take Tips On Your Website

So as you can see this is great for us because we can receive donations from anyone even if they don’t have a Monzo account and it’s completely free.

There are no processing fees like in PayPal

This will only work for one-off gift payments, not monthly recurring payments 

This works on your WordPress website using my technique but if you don’t have WordPress you can send people straight to your Monzo me page but you will not be able to track the clicks or views

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Example links mentioned in the video


Monzo – Hey, I think you should get a Monzo account. Get one through this link:

Monzo personal payment link page –  page 

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