Improve Your Sleep, Dont Sleep On Your Left Side

Do you want to Improve Your sleep? then DON’T SLEEP ON YOUR LEFT SIDE!
It’s best to sleep on your back. If you snore, gag, choke or gurgle when you sleep on your back, (sleep apnea), then you need to read my book Heal Yourself 101 and start living right. I used to snore, choke and gag back when I lived wrong. Amazing how quickly things can heal if you do things right. Anyway, if you are with someone, there are few luxuries in life that compare to snuggling, spooning and holding someone close through the night, in which case we must sleep on our side. Be sure to sleep on your right sides if you can. The main reason is if you sleep on your left side, all your internal organs and baggage pushes down heavily on your heart, squishing it. Also your colon is on your left side, and in the early mornings it is full and ready to evacuate. Too much pressure on your colon makes time in bed uncomfortable. Remember- most of your internal organs are lying loose inside you like stuff in a suitcase. They are not strapped in place. You have 60 feet of intestinal tubing in there that can move around a bit. Your liver is the size of a phone book- it’s heavy and can push on your spleen and pancreas which are on your left side. Just helpful advice to make your sleep more restful and less stressful. Don’t raise your blood pressure if you don’t have to 🙂

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