Make Money With Shazam

Make Money With Shazam

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Shazam Sells 500,000 Songs a Day

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The popular music discovery app drives huge sales for music industry

A couple recent interviews with the top dogs at Shazam reveal just how important their app has become for music discovery and music sales in general (and remember: with CD Baby, your songs will be included in Shazam’s database of identifiable songs, too).

According to this interview with Will Mills, Shazam’s VP of Music and Content:

We have a gross figure of sales of digital goods by downloads that we sell, which is close to $300 million. Of that $300 million the total number of à la carte downloads is somewhere around a billion globally. The amount that Shazam drives is substantial (compared to) the total number of downloads that go on around the world. We have a daily sales rate of about 500,000. It’s a very large percentage of people who Shazam songs who go on to buy.

Here are some other impressive stats about Shazam

According to both the interview with Mills and the video interview featured above with Shazam CEO Rich Riley, Shazam boasts:

* 350 million users

* 70 million active monthly users

* 10 million new users a month

* One of the top 10 apps globally

* $300 million a year in digital sales

* 500,000 songs sold each day

* More than 30 million tracks recognizable in Shazam’s database

And your songs can be included in that database too.

How to get your songs on Shazam

If you want Shazam users to be able to identify your music using the popular mobile app — it’s simple: distribute your music worldwide through CD Baby! We’ll help you sell your songs on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Facebook, and many more — plus, we’ll make sure they’re included in Shazam’s database of identifiable songs.

Get your music onto Shazam today!

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