Many Lives Many Masters Book Review | Book 1

Many Lives Many Masters Book Review

Dr Brian Weiss Many Lives Many Masters Review

What a truly amazing read, I read this book in under a week and I probably could have done it in 2 days If I had put more time aside, it is so easy to read and so enjoyable, It showed me abit more of a world I dont fully understand but want to.

I am a open minded skeptic, was I originally was but I now have opened my eyes , mind and heart to the possibilities that lay outside of our viewfinder.

You must read this with a open mind otherwise this book will just bore you, or annoy you, athiests will not enjoy this or closed minded skeptics will instantly dismiss it after chapter 2, this book wont change their minds because it doesnt show scientific proof for those individuals.

If you are already open to this then you will flow through each page with amazing ease and you will absolutely love every second of it.

I wont give away too much just give it a read and please tell me your thoughts below.

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