Marantz Mpm 1000 Condenser Microphone Review

Marantz Mpm 1000 Condenser Microphone Review

The Marantz Professional MPM1000 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone with Windscreen, Shockmount, Tripod Stand, and XLR Cable.


Product Description:

The MPM-1000 condenser microphone delivers the high-quality, accurate audio reproduction needed for critical audio recording applications. It exhibits great transient response to capture the most subtle, low-level sonic details thanks to wide frequency response and high sensitivity specification, while its robust output makes it ideally suited to studio work and Podcasting.

  • Studio-grade condenser microphone that delivers premium audio performance for crystal clear audio capture – perfect for vocals, acoustic instruments, amplifiers and more
  • Directional cardiod polar pattern and pure-aluminum-plated, 18mm-diameter-diaphragm condenser capsule
  • Smooth, wide-ranging frequency response (20-20,000Hz) captures the full audible spectrum
  • High sensitivity and low signal-to-noise ratio captures every subtle nuance of your source audio
  • Compact footprint and lightweight form factor for portable audio capture, everything you need for perfect audio capture – Includes windscreen, shock mount, tripod stand, and XLR cable


Marantz Mpm 1000 Condenser Microphone Review


Superior Studio-Grade Capture

Introducing the Marantz Professional MPM-1000, the perfect all-in-one solution for podcasting applications or studio-grade capture of high-quality audio from vocalists, melodic instruments, percussion, drum kits, and more. Marantz Professional is one of the leading manufacturers of no-compromise recording solutions and draws upon a decades-long history of critically acclaimed engineering innovations. With MPM-1000, Marantz Professional’s core engineering know-how fuses with a firm focus on value – whether you’re a seasoned recording veteran or a hobbyist producer, MPM-1000’s studio-grade specifications coupled with the premium build quality and inclusive accessories results in pristine pro-grade capture every time.


Professional Specifications

At the heart of the MPM-1000 is a 18mm pure-aluminium-plated condenser capsule to facilitate a wide ranging frequency response (20 – 20,000Hz), high sensitivity (-38dB ± 2dB (0dB = 1V/Pa @ 1kHz)) and a fast transient response. The result? Premium flawless capture and the faithful recreation of every subtle nuance of the source audio. Whether it’s a voiceover for a multimedia project or a lead vocal on your latest masterpiece, Marantz Professional’s MPM-1000 fuses premium components with in-demand specifications to meet and exceed the rigorous demands of any recording scenario.


Keeping Your Production On Point

Critical recording demands the right tools for the job. With MPM-1000, keep your production focused thanks to a precision cardioid polar pattern for pristine capture that guarantees minimal interference from unwanted ambient noise. MPM-1000’s cardioid polar pattern preserves isolation and prevents unwanted feedback – the ideal solution for recording closely-spaced subjects and surgical recording of live performances when sound comes from many directions. Limited space? No problem, MPM1000 is also an excellent choice for small rooms with echoes or background noise. Versatile and feature-packed, whatever your needs MPM-1000 accommodates them with ease.


Everything You Need For Simple, Seamless Setup!

With the MPM-1000, complicated setups are a thing of the past.

Thanks to an included windscreen, a purpose-designed shock-mount for mounting to a traditional mic-stand, a tripod stand, and even an XLR cable, all the core tools for seamless connectivity are thoughtfully included for instant recording and creative potential.

When combined with low self noise (17dBA) and signal-to-noise ratio (77dB) specifications, pristine audio capture is guaranteed every time.



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