House Concerts

Special House Concert Offer

Treat your Friends, Family or Clients
to Great Music in a Very Intimate Setting

house concerts
house concert

I’ve been doing house concerts in the UK for a while, and they are brilliant to do. They provide a great opportunity to create an extra special atmosphere when everyone knows everyone else.

In the UK, I am available any time of the year from any times up until 3:am, prices will vary with the longer I stay past 11PM.

I can also play anywhere In the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, but all expenses must be covered for such an event.

What many hosts do is provide drinks and maybe a snack and then ask their friends to give a suggested donation of €10 each. The following link will hopefully answer any questions you might have:

“We had a wonderful night, and our friends all left with big smiles on their faces!” – Sally Morgan (Halifax)

“Thanks Donny, you gave us an experience we will never forget. The music was brilliant” – David Gulliver (Wrexham)

send me an email to discuss it further.

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