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Music Distribution Services – I have released 4 albums using cd baby which are on amazon, Spotify and iTunes / Apple music and the process is really easy to follow.

Action plan from donnyutton music site

<nav id=”primary-menu-container”>competitions to get subscribers offer chance to win books – put photo up and get them to subscribe, like and share to have a chance to win</nav>do a star of the week blog from you tube

write articles 10 a week about making a living in music, promotion, gigs, marketing etc

write articles daily about the topics from –

set up affiliate links for amazon and other sites.

set up pop up plug in

try to organise a monthly guest speaker



Working musician 101
Music Money Maker
Make £30-100 K  a year from doing what you love, playing and making music.

Chapters – dealing with hecklers, rude people, non payment, nerves, constructive critism
My sets
Types of music
Booking gigs
Making a database

Music marketing school
Re write music marketing manifesto
Online marketing for musicians .com
Songwriting app


Instrument affiliate links

Singing course
Guitar course
Songwriting course

Working Musician 101 Book

Upsell into Music Money Makers Success Group (Membership)

Membership SiteCopper – Free Basic Membership when you buy working musician 101 – Limited
Platinum – Free downloads to all products – Good gig guide – industry contacts – priorty customer




Good gig guide – reviews all live venues for the performer – friendliness, pay, days have music, details, tidiness, free drinks , open mics, type of music they have.
User cAn review venues on loads of criteria
Also included is a contact database feature so you can keep track of all the venues you have applied too
£9.99 a month 7 day free trial
Free sign up but can’t see contact details, can’t leave reviews, can’t see all reviews and don’t get bonus features.
Offer to first 500 people for free
download wp review site for gig guide

On the site gig directory, all the open mic venues, publishers, labels, managers, articles, album reviews,

Music marketing school
Monthly membership
Beginners videos- setting up Facebook, twitter, you tube.
Setting up sentric

Working musician guides – pubs, functions, weddings, premium, hotels, restaurants, care homes

Also blog testimonials and all my gigs
Interview musicians aka will , and Paula, chris troy etc
Do a artist shine blog and page
Live lounge
Sell affiliate singing success
Self employment.

Make a living cruises, weddings, open  mics, songwriting, care home, gigs, selling your own music.
Songwriting app
Backing track app linked with ameritz that you can buy through the app for instant gig requests.
Copyright site for original work

Create e book, copywriting, website. Pay links, e mail capture. Autoresponder, upwelling affiliate products

Music course
Make a living from music e book
Learn guitar
Learn singing

How to work in music . Com
How to make money in music
How to make money as a musician


Songwriting degree

Welcome to The Academy of Contemporary Music

Comedy degree

Teaching degree

apply for uni
2. appy for day jobs
apply for clinical trips
if they fail apply for cruise and overseas work
approach all the pubs list i have and restaurants hotels, bars, etc

Self employment

Business loans


Affiliate singing success, perfect pitch, jamorama, Adrian chapman

Songwriting app to get developed

Songwriters app


Drop and drag chords above lyrics
Write your own tab and chord chart
Instant key transposer

Riff ideas recorder

Pitch and chord recognition

Lyric tools

6 part layer recording


Drum loops
Rhyming tools

Submits time and date when recorded for copyright, you can then store it on your own copyright site for a $ a song

Edit sections


Gigs booking info

Create album
Drafts and ideas
Finalised album add photo

Jam record


iPhone and iPad I

Net gigs

Online music social site
Live gigs but online
Search for artists sounding like
Cab do showcases to a n r
Instant but tracks and merchandise

How to be a dj

Free article

How to be a dj £4.37 ebook

Affiliate product 2weeks later to the commission junction or click sure dj product mobile dj. £67

Then up sell to how to make a living and how to dj Ebook £47-67
Workshop live dj tuition over 2 days. £247

Live dj DVD course, ebook, sample CDs, audio CDs,

Workshop live DVDs, free segments and can sell too for £47

Performers promo site

Think taxi
Think music x ray
Think star now
Think broadjam
All music work promo sites

A place for musicians , dancers, songwriters, singers, actors, models to get work on tv radio and general

Agency advertise

Artist creats their showcase page
Can take bookings
Add widgets
Sell music

Apply for work through their account

Do online gigs

Social media integration

Free account gets you basic page
3 photos
1 song
1 video

Can upgrade to remove our logo
Upgrade to get 20 free job applications a month

Otherwise must purchase credits to apply for certain vacancies

They can buy domain or get one free in higher package

Build their own pro site like weebly, wix and bandzoohle but we host it to their domain

Run our own festival

Labels get feature to filter out people they don’t want to reapply
Safe and secure to get work

Offer mailing list feature

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