Prs Momentum Music Fund


PRS Momentum Music Fund

PRS for Music Foundation and Arts Council England launch Momentum Music Fund: a £500,000 investment to develop the careers of talented artists and bands.

To find out if you, your band, or an act you represent, could be eligible for funding from Momentum read through the information below. You can also find links to the online application process.

If you’ve got a question about Momentum eligibility and application criteria then join us for Twitter Q&A sessions on Wednesday 29th May 3-5pm and Tuesday 11th June 3-5pm. Tweet with #MomentumQ&A

The first application deadline is 28th June 2013.


our Guide to the Momentum Music Fund

Read through this guide to find out if you’re eligible to apply for up to £15k from the Momentum Music Fund.

What is the Momentum Music Fund?

The Momentum Music Fund is a new resource which helps talented artists and bands to further their careers by providing them with vital access to finance.

Grants of between £5,000 and £15,000 will be awarded to between 50 and 75 artists/bands over the next 2 years.


Who is Momentum for?

The Momentum Music Fund is for artists and bands who are at a crucial point in their development, with the potential to significantly further their career within the next two years.

Applications can be submitted by the artists themselves or those who are working on their behalf, e.g. a manager, an independent label or publisher.

Artists/bands which are at the right level for this fund will have some or all of the following:

  • manager
  • booking agent
  • PR/plugger
  • national press/airplay
  • lawyer
  • representation through independent publisher and/or label
  • a recorded release – EP or series of singles
  • a tour or a number of live dates played in the UK and/or overseas
  • notable online presence as exemplified by social media statistics – e.g. plays on Soundcloud, Facebook likes, Twitter followers etc

Priority will be given to those that haven’t been funded by PRS for Music Foundation in the previous 12 months.


What genres of music will Momentum support?

The fund will cover a broad range of contemporary popular genres, including innovative and emerging genres.


Who is not eligible for support?

The following artists or organisations would not be eligible for Momentum funding:

  • Artists/bands who are just starting out, e.g. at demoing stage, or playing their first few gigs
  • Artists/bands or companies which are unable to make the case for how the activity they’ve applied for will make a substantial difference to their career
  • Companies/organisations that are Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisations – N.B. Grants for the arts awards cannot be used as additional funding for this project
  • Record producers, mixers and non-performing songwriters cannot apply directly to the fund but may benefit indirectly if an artist/band includes collaboration with a producer/songwriter in their application


What can the finance be used for?

You can apply for £5,000 – £15,000 to assist with any activity that significantly contributes to the development of an artist or band.

Applicants should consider why and how this activity will contribute to their career development and/or business plan. This may include, but is not limited to, any of the following activities:

  • Development of new material, e.g. collaboration costs if working with other artists/producers/songwriters; rehearsal time, equipment hire and artist/band writing fees
  • Touring/Key live dates (UK only), e.g. paying for travel and accommodation, session musicians, set/production design, sound engineers, tour management, instrument/equipment hire etc.
  • Recording, e.g. hiring and working with a producer, physical reproduction, studio hire, session musician fees, artist/band writing fees etc. Please note: the release must be supported with a marketing campaign
  • Marketing, e.g. PR costs, website development, social media, online PR,  digital strategist, merchandise, radio plugging, music video production etc. Please note: All marketing plans must be in association with a release and/or live tour or set of performances
  • Anything else that will help you to develop professionally and creatively

Think carefully about what you need in order to succeed to the next level of the artist/band’s career.

Please note: these activities must take place within 12 months of the date of PRS for Music Foundation’s confirmation to an applicant that their application has been successful.


What doesn’t the fund cover?

The Momentum Music Fund can’t support:

  • Van/car purchase
  • International touring
  • Shortfall/deficit funding not linked to development of a specific artist
  • Support for a roster of artists – each application must focus on one artist’s development
  • Projects requesting funding that would is or could be covered by the deal the artist/band has with a label/management company or other relationships (e.g. touring costs)


What is asked for in the application?

The two priorities we will be considering throughout your application are:

  1. the music you or the artist/band you’re working with is making
  2. the business case/career plan for the proposed activity or that the proposed activity fits into

Your application will ask you to present:

  • A summary of the career to date of the artist/band
  • Artist development activities that will be take place
  • Why funding is required
  • Why now is the best time for these activities, considering career progress to date
  • What will be achieved following investment from the fund – include business goals for the artist/band for the next two years
  • A budget for what the fund will be used for (a template will be supplied)
  • A marketing plan for the funded activity
  • Anything else relating to the development of the artist/band that you think is relevant to this application – e.g. goals for signing a recording/publishing deal, scheduled releases etc.

All applications must commit to contributing at least 10% of the amount requested from Momentum in cash from other sources of the artist/band/company’s income and can include income you expect to be generated by the activity that the grant is covering. Please note: Arts Council England’s grants for the arts awards and other PRS for Music Foundation grants cannot be used for this 10%.

For those applying on behalf of an artist/band you must:

  • show that the funding will be used for development of a specific artist you represent, and not a roster of artists
  • provide a brief history of your working relationship with the artist/band on whose behalf you are applying
  • provide a statement from the artist/band confirming your relationship and acknowledging their involvement in the proposed activity

If you are at an earlier stage in your career, then please visit for alternative funding options.


How do I apply?

The application is completed entirely online.

You will need be required to upload attachments such as links to music tracks, a budget, marketing plan and press clippings.

To apply as an artist or band, click here.

To apply on behalf of an artist or band (e.g. as a manager or label), click here.

Once you have started a form, you are able to save your progress. To log back in to your form, please click here.


How and when are funding decisions made?

  • The application is assessed by a round table of independent advisors from across the music industry. The full list of advisors will be published on our website
  • You will receive a decision within six weeks of the deadline for applications – funds will be made available in two weeks once we have received your signed offer letter


What are the application deadlines?

28th June
30th August
11th October

24th January


Are there any conditions of funding?

Momentum funding will be awarded with the following conditions:

  • All artists/bands must be based in England
  • All funded work must take place in the UK, with the majority of activity taking place in England. (This is because it is funded by Arts Council England, whose remit is to benefit artists and audiences in England)
  • All funded activity must take place within 12 months of the application decision date
  • Successful applicants will be required to write a final evaluation report within 3 months of the end of the 12 month period following PRS for Music Foundation’s confirmation to an applicant that their application has been successful
  • Successful applicants will also be required to submit data for the continued monitoring and evaluation of the funding scheme
  • The funded activity must match that specified in your application. You will be asked to provide evidence of this in your final report
  • You may be asked to meet with and/or talk on the phone with our independent evaluators to assess your progress
  • You must adhere to all Fund crediting stipulations, such as use of logos on artwork, CD cover text, tour promotional material, websites and social media. This will be detailed in document that must be signed in order to release the funding
  • You must provide photos and biographies for use in all communication and marketing relating to the fund as required
  • You may be asked to perform at PRS for Music Foundation/Arts Council England live showcases on occasion, for which you will be paid

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