Vitamin B12

It seems the paranoid panic online theme of the month making it’s rounds is “Where do you get your B12?” Apparently people got tired of the “Where do you get your protein” question, so now it’s B12.
In nature, you would pull a carrot out of the ground, brush it off and eat it. There would still be some soil organisms on the carrot, and that’s normally where you’d get your B12. Ever notice how kids that get filthy and dirty are healthier than those kept in a sterile environment? Sure I guess you could eat dirt, but it’s actually the ORGANISMS in the dirt and their poop that has the B12. To be blunt- B12 is found in poop. Your body even creates some of it’s own, but most of it comes from the little critters living inside you. Every cell, parasite, probiotic and worm eats and poops. This poop is raw material for new life. In nature, everything has a purpose and recycles. Do you know what B12 pills are made from? SEWAGE !

If you are paranoid about being deficient in B12, go ahead and dissolve some B12 pills under your tongue- just know what it really is. Funny how they try to hide it with that cute pink color so you don’t think about the fact you are dissolving fecal matter under your tongue haha! Have you heard of the new rage? Fecal transplant therapy(!) Where they take poop from a healthy person and “implant” it into a weak, unhealthy person- and 90% of the time, that person gets better!! I know this is a disgusting thought, but there’s something to learn from this. My suggestion is simply to FEED and NURTURE the probiotics and healthy organisms already inside you. The best food to encourage growth of probiotics is fiber. The best source is unwashed wild and garden plants. Seaweed has B12, and there is some in chlorella, spiralina, even bee pollen has some, as do fermented foods and liquid probiotics. As for eating unwashed things right from the soil, stop worrying too much about parasites. You can’t avoid them anyway. They’re everywhere. If you’re body is CLEAN and you are eating natural foods (no bread, pasta, cereal, flour, sugar and cooked foods), they won’t want to live inside you anyway. Herbs are your friends and allies. Only the good guys will stick around when you use powerful herbs and plants. Stop trying to disinfect everything in your life. Get dirty. Start having some fun!

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