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Website Design Ashford | Website Development

What if I told you a website could be the biggest and best asset that your business has?

I say asset because by the very definition of an asset being something that produces you with income for little or no work.

Well, when a website has been designed by an expert web designer that’s actually what a website will become. It is a salesforce capable of selling to the whole world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and it doesn’t want the extra day off on leap years either.

It has the ability to supply for business with a constant stream of new enquiries to increase your revenue, income and profit.

It is the BEST way to build your brand and create brand awareness. Sure this can be done on social media and local business printed advertisements too but with social media the distractions are too many it will only take a picture of Kim K in their newsfeed to pop up and you are not in control of the lay out and feel. Printed adverts are very expensive when you consider the short shelf life. With a website designed by a local web design agency the whole time someone is on your website the longer they are interact with your site the more time you, your product and service is being engrained in their brain.

I’m sure that you know about the know, like and trust right? If someone is familiar your brand, likes it and trust it’s that will buy from you. There is no easier way to achieve this than with no a website.

Web Design Company in Ashford, Kent

So I have successfully convinced you getting your site up and running is imperative but it also needs to be done right. Done wrong can have the opposite effect to your brand.

That is where we step in.

Welcome to Creative Edge Marketing – Website design experts in Ashford.

We can professionally design you a website that will be both visually appealing and will convert visitors into buyers. We delight clients in and around the South East including Ashford, Kent.

If you are not regularly receiving unprompted good feedback from your customers and clients about your site chances are is not having the desired effect and before you ask feedback from your mum and friends does not count.😊

When you think about it logically.

Would you hand our business cards that you have bodged together yourself?

Or would you turn up to a networking event with wearing the same clothes you wore to the gym?

No of course not which is why your website should sell your company to the best of its abilities, it is so much more than just a digital company brochure. If you are happy with the way things are going or if you want to be charging £10 per hour for the rest of your life that’s fine. But if you want to utilise the Internet then growing and building your website should be central to what you do.

So why the Creative Edge Marketing for your website in Ashford, Kent?

Ok firstly we are marketers not “techies”. We are very technical in what we do but when you use Creative Edge Marketing your website will be built from a marketing perspective. Each page will be designed with be built from the bottom up with a clear end in goal. Whether that will be to capture a lead, make a sale, capture an e-mail address or whether it will be to educate or inform that is how we think. A “techny” by their very nature will not think like that.

The “Techy” will be more concerned with how a webpage will load on a certain type of browser or whether everything is 100% uniform and how the code side of things look, which I totally understand are important things. But you also very rarely see a “Techy” offer to write your website text. WHY? It is so important to your site and the success of it.

Just so that you know we are legit, we are a small team of Qualified and Accredited Internet Marketers so you can be assured of the highest standard of service. Our business was literally formed by Tom and Donny who met whilst gaining their accreditations.

A website company that writes the web copy for you!

So, so, so many supposed Internet Marketing Agencies whether it be Ashford or somewhere else will never offer to do this.

And why is this?

Create compelling website copy that both coverts website traffic and ranks on the first page of Google and in the search engines is a whole separate skill in itself.

Who should be writing the content for your website?

Well nobody knows your business like you do. So you are in the perfect position to do so. But the way I see it is that you should be concentrating on the core elements of your business and providing value to your customers do what you do. 

Here at Creative Edge Marketing we work with you to build compelling copy. If you already have content so problem get that sent over and we can use it. Subject to a few tweaks and edits.

How much does a new website cost in Ashford?

We can totally get you up and running with a swanky new site for a one-time fee. For more information on our prices please click here.

Another way which we prefer to go and is the most popular with our clients and offers you to see a return on your investment before you actually start paying and no other upfront costs is our pay monthly option.

For only £80 per month:

We can get a brand new website up and running.

All the copy written for you

Domain name registrations and renewals all looked after

Website hosting

Unlimited edits and revisions of your site


Don’t delay, book your completely free website consulation with an accredited Internet Marketer today.

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Web design near me – Local SEO

So we are a digital service so we have the ability to serve clients all around the globe. But we as we all hail from the South East of England we are trying to help businesses in this region in and around East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent.

As well as Ashford we also want to help businesses in the following nearby areas Kingsnorth, Kennington, Wye, Charing, Woodchurch, Willesborough, Great Chart, Chilmington Green, Shadoxhurst, Egerton, Bonnington, Aldington, Sellindge, Hastingleigh and Bodsham.

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