Why Green Smoothies Are Not Always Optimal

Why Green Smoothies Are Not Always Optimal

For the past years, I’ve been promoting Green Smoothies like crazy,
so what you’re about to read may surprise you.

Green Smoothies are a big craze in the raw food movement. In
my opinion, it IS a good craze, but Green Smoothies are not
the only way to go. Let me explain…

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By blending fruits and greens together to make a Green
Smoothie, we have a quick meal that almost anybody can
enjoy. There’s no added fat, and it helps you eat your
greens, which are often not appealing in other forms.

After all, a banana-spinach-berry smoothie does NOT really
taste like spinach, so that’s why green smoothies are such
a green ideas to eat more greens and fruits.

The greens in a Green Smoothie are also broken down and
easily digestible, and the nutrients easy to assimilate.

But in spite of their advantages, Green Smoothies are not as
perfect as some people imagine. In fact, in many
circumstances they are NOT really the ideal food you can

Before you start thinking this goes against everything I’ve
promoted in the past, please let me explain…

First of all, let me teach you a concept that may not be
popular in the raw food movement, but is *essential* to your

==> Fruits are more important than greens!

As humans, we are best adapted to a fruit diet with *some*
greens, and NOT the other way around.

You could live in decent health for many years on just fruit,
but it would be impossible to do the same thing on greens.
Because greens are so low in calories, if you’d try to live
on greens you would eventually wither away and die.

Fruit contains the essential sugar that we need, in addition
to their vitamins and minerals, protein and essential fatty

What greens essentially bring are additional minerals (and
some vitamins) that will *complement* a fruit-based diet.

While I am convinced that you could survive on fruit alone,
long-term health is improved when the diet includes some
green vegetables.

But greens are certainly not the perfect food they are often
claimed to be. If it were a “perfect” food, we could live
on them, which is not the case.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s important to eat lots of greens.
But you also need to make sure you consume enough fruit
so that you’re not hungry.

And this is what happens often.

People make a green smoothie in the morning and they’re
hungry one hour later. What happened?

They just put too many greens in the smoothie and not enough

Here are some of the mistakes that I’ve noticed in the raw

– Trying to live on green smoothies, but undereating on
total calories by not eating enough fruit.
– Being afraid to eat only fruit at one meal
– Thinking that green smoothies are the *only* and *best*
way to eat your greens.
– Being very active and needing a lot of calories, and
thinking you can get enough from green smoothies.

Doing any of these things will lead you to failure, because
you’re not consuming enough fruit.

If you’re still hungry after having a green smoothie, it
would be beneficial to have a fruit smoothie instead.

But then… how do you get your greens?

For many people (possibly you), the best way to go is to
lots of fruit during the day, and then have a big Savory
Veggie Stew at night for dinner, instead of eating green

In a Savory Veggie Stew, you blend greens like in a green
smoothies, but you add more *savory* elements that make it
so much nicer to have at dinner time than a green smoothie.

The advantage of this method is that by not eating too many
green smoothies during the day, you have more room for
fruit. This enables you to eat enough calories and avoid
cravings for unhealthy foods and low energy.

Then when dinner-time comes, when you’re ready for
something different than just fruit, you can make a big
Savory Veggie Stew and get your greens that way, in addition
to way more vegetables than you could have in a Green

And here’s a big plus: the Savory Veggie Stew can be
crunchy, so you have something to munch on. It’s not yet
another blended meal. And my favorite part? It’s savory!

So how do you know if this method works better than the
Green Smoothie method?

It’s simple: when you realize you are still getting

If you are, then it means you’re not eating enough fruit.
Then, it makes sense to cut down on the green smoothies and
have more fruit during the day.

Also, if you get tired of eating fruit or green smoothies,
the Savory Veggie Stew is a nice change.

Personally, I now rarely eat green smoothies, although I had
them daily for almost three years. I prefer to get my greens
in savory veggie stews.

The reason is I need to eat 3000 calories a day. I can’t do
that with green smoothies. I need to eat fruit-only meals
during the day, and nothing else.

And also, since I discovered the Savory Veggie Stews, and
I’m a big fan of “savory” things, I just never get tired
of making this meal for dinner time. I also get to eat way
more vegetables that way than with green smoothies.

This Veggie Stew idea was taught to me by my friend Roger
Haeske, who released a program on the subject that I *highly*

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Yours for health and success,


PS: I still believe Green Smoothies are great, but as I’ve
explained they are not always the way to go. Give the Savory
Veggie Stews a try, and you can find out what’s best for
you, or maybe a combination of both? Check it out:
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