If you are a Medway business looking to build your brand, increase sales, leads, turnover and profit there are fewer better places to start that having search engine optimisation performed to your site, AKA Medway SEO to get people in your area looking for what you do onto your website.


When a website in optimised to perform well in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing you could have constant stream on new customers and business all via the search engine.


When you treat it right, think of Google as your perfect matching making service setting you up with your perfect customers.


If you were unfamiliar with the concept or were unsure how to go about it, search engine optimisation more commonly just known as SEO is a technique in which you present your website in a way that the search engines appreciate. When you have these on your side you truly can have a licence to print money.


You see when someone goes to Google to answer their problems they are not interested in the search engine results on pages 2 and beyond. Even businesses at the bottom of page 1 can struggle to gain attention.


No typically they will only pay attention to the organic results 1,2 and 3. The higher you can get your website to the top the better. You should aspire to get your business website page here for as many relevant search terms that you do.


Do you think that it is a coincidence that some websites rank naturally higher than others? Or regardless of how clever the search engine has become now how do they know who should be top of their search engine results in Medway? Or do they just pick a website out of a hat to rank there?


No, they reward the website that is best optimised for SEO! Let’s get you there!


The Best SEO Company Medway – Creative Edge Marketing


Welcome to the answer to our of your prayers, Creative Edge Marketing a small innovative & energetic team of Internet marketing and SEO consultants near Medway who can get your website to the promised land of Google page 1.


Owned and operated by Donny Utton – find out more about us here. We get a kick out of seeing businesses realise their full potential by increasing their sales using SEO in Medway.


How do we know that we can get your website where it should be time at the top of Google?


To be quite frank we have achieved this time after time. It all starts with getting the content right, then you can optimise page URL’s, headers and titles, keeping it updated regularly then getting other websites to appreciate what you do. If you want to find out more about getting your website ranking 1 on page 1 in Local SEO you going to have to book in a free consultation with us.


SEO Expert Medway, Kent


If you unsure whether your need a SEO expert in Medway to get your website delivering constant new leads to your business. Let me first explain exactly what is happening to if you are not ranking high in the search engines.


A motivated buyer turns to Google for a quick answer to their problem. It turns out that your company is the best at what you do in their area and when they are ready to buy from you and the search engine results come in.


What do they find? Not your business. They find your direct competition who have their website optimised by a local SEO expert. They do not know that your business is the best, they just assume that your competition is the best so they contact them.


Your business has lost the sale and I’m sorry for twisting the dagger but that company will also get all the returning custom and direct referrals from that sale. As a referral is a powerful form of marketing they in turn will probably refer them to their friends and family who will buy from that business again, all the while collecting online reviews which we further influence people to buy from them and not you!


How much is not having a SEO company in Medway performing magic on your website really costing you?


What you need is a SEO agency in Medway, a SEO consultancy near Medway with a simple straightforward pricing structure, a SEO company in Medway who can do everything required to get your website number 1 in Google.


That’s us by the way!


How much does Local SEO in Medway cost?


It starts at £99 per month!


No joke, from £99 per month we can get your website dominating your niche for the local SEO results in Medway.


You can find out more about our Local SEO monthly web packages here


How many sales would you need to make to see a return on your investment? I doubt you would even need to see 1. The rest from there on would be straight profit.


Or alternatively you could let your competitors get all of the cream. If you wanted to give their business a leg up you might as well make a donation straight to your rivals. Personally, I think that you should go ahead and get your business up the top of local searches in Medway.


The best thing with using Creative Edge Marketing is that when we work with you with search engine optimisation we will only work with you for the keywords that you wish to rank for. This allows us to give your website the 100% care and attention that it deserves.


Do the sensible thing and book your completely FREE no obligation Internet Marketing & SEO assessment today in Medway, worth £249!


We do work on application only however, when I say application I mean that we will only work with businesses’ that are committed to company growth! If this is you, great let’s get started!


Local SEO Service Near Me – Medway


Of course we have the ability to serve the entire UK but we really want to help companies in and around Medway with search engine optimisation. Including Upnor, Wainscot, Chattenden, Strood, Cuxton, Higham, Shorne, Thong, Rochester, Cobham and anywhere else near here including the entire ME4 postcode area.

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