Writing a Newsletter Article That Succeeds

Writing a Newsletter Article That Succeeds – 3 Quick Tips Chris Bolton Sometimes writing a newsletter can seem like a thankless task. You know you’re supposed to do it every week or every month, but it’s hard to come up with new ideas, and it’s hard to know if your audience appreciates your hard work. After-all  you’re a busy person with with all sorts of other responsibilities and commitments vying for your attention. What I’ve found helpful in minimizing and effort and increasing engagement can be distilled down to 3 simple tips.

1.Include a Call to Action Every time you send an email newsletter you should ask your audience to do something. Try to make it something that’s both simple and rewarding. Not only will this increase engagement with your readers, it can also grow your fan base and increase your sales. You could ask your audience to click a link and read an article, like your facebook page, enter a contest, draw you a picture, fill out a short survey–whatever you like. Just make sure to make it a prominent part of the newsletter. If the newsletter is long, you could even add your call-to-action to both the top and bottom of the newsletter.

Don’t forget that having access to a person’s inbox is a privilege  Treat your list with respect, produce great content, and they will reward you by taking you up on the actions you request.

2. Worship The Subject Line The subject line to your email is the most important part. Boring subjectlines are the leading cause of deleted email. Try to create a bit of mystery or tension in your headline so that your audience can’t help but open your email to see what’s inside.  Also, remember that a lot of people read email on their phone. So make sure the exciting bits of your subject line come in the beginning of the sentence and are not cut-off.

Try new things. If you always write your subject line in a certain format: “Newseletter 145: Subject: Healthy Juice” people will lose interest. Instead, try something like, “Have you tried this?” or “Why this Juice Makes me Dance.” A little bit of intrigue goes a long way in subject lines.

One of the most effective subject email subject lines is: “You Are Not Alone.” Provocative right? And it cuts right to our fears and suggests a possible solution. You don’t need to be this dramatic, but think about what your audience desires and what their problems are. Do your best to speak to them (in your title and your content).

3. Give First. Sell Later Make sure you are providing real value for your newsletter readers or they will just unsubscribe. Yes, you should make offers and let your fans know how to buy your products, but remember why your fans signed up to your newsletter in the first place. They signed up because they thought something was in it for them. They want to feel special and connected to your brand. They want to feel like they are a part of a special club. They want to get deals that nobody else is getting. Remember this, and your fans will reward you ten fold.

Do you have any tips for writing killer newsletters? Let us know in the comments below!

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