I’d Love To Hear From You…

I love hearing from my readers, Youvolved students, and fans. 

Especially if you share my passion for raising human consciousness, creativity, and making the change in your life and others.

Here are the various ways you can reach out to me depending on your needs. Please note that I strive to read every single message I get but due to the sheer volume I have several wonderful people assisting me.

Please note that if I answered all the requests I get for advice, I would not have time for anything else, so I strive to make everything I know easy and freely available for all via my Instagram, our youtube channel, and my Podcast. Do follow me there too.

Here Are Other Ways To Get In Touch

  1. 🐦 Twitter – If you’ve got a short question or message (<280 characters), please tweet @donnyutton and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I also occasionally reply to Instagram DMs but it’s much more cumbersome to do so (for now). 
  2. 📨 Email – If it’s a longer thing, or you don’t want it to be a public tweet, please email me ( I read 100% of emails but there’s only enough time in the day to reply to around 30%. If you reply to my weekly Sunday newsletter with a specific question, the chances I’ll reply are much higher, as I like to spend Sundays doing chill stuff like replying to emails. 
  3. ☕️ In person – I love meeting up with people in real life. So here’s a standing offer – if you fancy taking a trip to Kent (UK) and want to chat, I’ll buy you a coffee, no questions asked. I’m generally available most weekday evenings after 7pm. Drop me an email ( and include [Coffee] in the subject line, and we can work something out.