Donny Utton is a musician from Kent. Composing his own original music and producing his own songs from acoustic country rock to alternative metal. His music is inspired by bands such as Goo Goo Dolls, Creed and Edwin McCain for the more low key acoustic style, with vocals compared to the famous Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger.

Donny studied at The Brighton Institute of Modern Music, purely to develop his talented and passion as a guitarist. One afternoon in class donny was randomly chosen to cover for a back-in singer, only to have ever sung in his room, he shyly walked behind the lead singer and placed himself quietly beside the microphone, pulling his cap down to hide his face. Before the song could finish Damien Keys one of the founder of Brighton Institute of Modern Music interrupted, ‘You are a lead singer Donny! I’m putting you into the singing course next year!’. This is where Donny gained confidence as a singer and developed distinctive & unique vocal sound & songs.

Privileged to be taught by some of the worlds most renowned tutors, such as, singer teacher Roger Kain, who has also taught famous musicians such as Liam Gallagher and Elton John and Guitar teacher Mike Caswell, Queens guitarist. Donny has become a guitar tutor himself to spread the knowledge given by top experts and help others achieve their goals musically.

Performing for over seven years now he has not only headlined in many local pubs, bars and clubs but has supported acts for many bands such as The Kooks, Slaves to Gravity and played alongside the calling drummer Paul Greenwood. Although all this he still has a long way to go, as his big dream is to become a multi platinum singer/song writer but Donny’s determination and strong heart keeps him well focused. Keeping a sharp eye on making it big, he still remains grounded by making time to raise money for charities like Demelza House, Breast Cancer and soon to be Make a Wish Foundation.

Donny Recently got to the SEMI FINALS of OPEN MIC UK, a national singers competition finishing as the highest male and going out in the sudden death part.

Now working part time as a professional musician and guitar teacher. He has also learned a variety of popular cover songs to produce a live acoustic entertainment package for hire as an Acoustic Singer. His cover performance ranges from, classic ballads, easy listening and Motown to chart hits and modern R & B, all preformed acoustically.

Donny Is now available for Weddings, Corporate Events, Pubs, Cafes, Bars and Tea rooms offering his unique acoustic music.

To find out more about entertainment packages please feel free to browse this site or contact Donny now for quotes and availability.

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Pauly Greenwood is a musician – drummer, Songwriter, and independent video producer.  Pauly began playing drums at the age of ten, having private lessons for sereral years with Colin Woolway (Suzi Quatro, Rocky Horror Show).
Pauly then went onto study performing arts, and modern music. Since graduating from the Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) in England Pauly has worked as a session drummer touring extensively across America  and Europe drumming for artists such as:

– Meldra (Latvian Pop artist)
– The Calling
– Mark Owen (Take That)
– Danny Deane ( Canadian Rock Artist)
– Alistair Griffin (Fame Academy)
– PigFace
– Silibil N Brains (Sony BMG) and many more…

And also playing along side artists such as:
– Billy Cobham
– D.O.P.E.
– Sugar Hill Gang
– Professional Murder Music
– Diablo Syndrome etc…

In 2010 Pauly went into the studio to film a series of Drum Tribute videos for Youtube, in dedication to all the Rock n Roll influences of the 80s and 90s.  The series has since gained praise from fellow drummers Brian Tichy (Billy Idol, Whitesnake),  Stix Zadinia (Steel Panther), press coverage from the UKs leading Drum Magazine (Rhythm/Music Radar).

Since 2013, Pauly is singed to Indivision management in Los Angeles & has relocated to California, song writing, drumming, and working on various creative projects involving art, music, & fashion.

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